Particles – Houdini

Render with Mantra PBR (I could use Micropolygon but it was much faster for instancing ! So finally better with PBR, but much noisier). But I don’t think that instancing geometry was so useful, Mantra took a lot of time with « generating the scene » at each frame. Bottle done in Maya.

Because I had to make my particles collide with the « non active » particles, I had to convert those particles into a sdf, which allowed me to make a more efficient collider in pop context, using a voppop and a volume sample, each particles touching the volume was immediately pushing backward. The resulting volume was decreasing in time, so as the collider. Unfortunately we can’t see that the particles are actually colliding with the ones that are not active….

And about the shading of the « sand », it was actually better with a simple Clay shader than a complex shader ! « Artistic », let’s say…

Not a big fan, but I learned a lot on this scene.


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